Event package

This is an official ITC event. 2000 pts.




Note that if you receive a 0 on your painting score you will not be eligible to win any awards OR prices. We will have a strict policy on this, and your ENTIRE army is to be present during the paint judging review, including units to summon. If your army list is not present next to your army, you will receive an automatic 0 points on your painting score.

All models are expected to be WYSIWYG to a reasonable standard. Exceptions will be made for themed units or armies.

Using a proxy for a model violates our policy.
Using a reasonable substitute to “Counts As” another model, does not violate our policy.
If in doubt, send a picture in of a model to your TO in advance to ask if it is acceptable. Following guidelines apply.

  • A “Proxy” is for example, Chief Librarian Tigurius used as a normal librarian.
  • A “Counts As” is for example, Chief Librarian Tigurius converted to look like a normal librarian, and mounted on a bike, using parts from bike kit, tigurius kit and a normal librarian kit.
  • Special Grenades such as Melta Bombs have to be visible portrayed on the model that purchased it, and all weapons have to be displayed on the models. A model does not, however have to have all standard pistols and ordinary close combat weapons holstered and such, assume models have knives, in their boots or other places.


You will achieve the “Most sporting player award” by getting a rating from your opponents from each game, ranging from 0-5. Additionally you will score a 10 points if you submit your list at www.tourneykeeper.net, at the latest: Friday 9. February 22:00.

Examples of good sportsmanship

  • Helping your opponent not making critical mistakes due to ignorance of what your army does. 40K is a confusing whirlpool of rules and formations. It is good sportsmanship, to play a game without the “hah! Got you” trick.
  • Play a forgiving game, if your opponent forgets something. And it doesn’t require you to redo a whole phase or turn. Let him change it. We play in a relaxed setting where we want everyone to feel at ease.
  • Take it easy on your opponent! If you are playing an uneven game from the get-go, maybe you are paired up against a fluffy tyranid army without flying hive tyrants, and you have the latest top list. Set yourself up for a slower paced game. Try to focus on helping your opponent get to know your army and the missions
  • We want people to play loose, but still within the rules of the game. Good sportsmanship is not allowing your opponent to move 13 inches instead of 12, letting him reroll poor dice or changing the rules of the game to suit your narrative.
  • We do not condone players agreeing to award each other 5 points, just to get them. Penalty for players will be 0 in all of their games if a single instance of this is discovered.
  • Most importantly, have fun. And take it easy on people that have been drinking “Arne” Saturday night.

Tie breaker will be highest placed, secondary battlepoints earned.

Rennaissance Man Award – Best overall
This prestigious award is for the hobbyist who has it all, playing skills, painting skills, good behaviour. Everyone wants to be like him. But only 1 man at this tournament will earn this award. Bow down in envy.

  • This award will be awarded by the following formula: (Battlepoints Earned/10+Painting Score+sportsmanshipscore /5).

Tie breaker will be highest placed.

Players’s Choice Award by Kromlech
Simply, everyone votes using their Kromlech card, for the best army, best looking army, best looking person playing the army. It is entirely up to you who should receive this award, and why. Participant with the most votes, wins.

Tie breakers will be decided by Rennaissance Man score.

Best General
Simple. Tournament Champion. Most games won, with battlepoints being the tie-breaker.

Best Painted
Also simple, best painted army! We will have a qualified painting judge to review each army after round 3. You will earn from a score to 0-11 with 0 being not painted, and 11 being masterclass, golden daemon. The following guidelines apply.

  • A nicely painted army containing 10 poorly painted models will be scored on the basis of those 10 models.
  • All aspects of the hobby is included in your painting, so conversions, alternative cool looking models will factor in.
  • The dollar figure on your army will NOT factor in, so if you have a full Forgeworld army, it will not score higher just because of that.