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Rules clarifications…

Hello everyone.

With the event closing in, more questions might be taken to consideration that we did not address in our small FAQ and restrictions.

So to clarify we have chosen to use the ETC faq in order where there is doubt or no answer. So how do you use these FAQ

The ETC FAQ can be found here

If the ETC FAQ are different than the answers you’ve seen in our restrictions or FAQ, we take precedent over ETC.

Thanks and hope to see you soon…

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After a consultation between TO’ we have an amendment to the playpack. And the restrictions..

“Supreme Command Detachment; 0-1 may be taken” will be changed to

“Supreme Command Detachment, Vanguard Detachment, Spearhead Detachment, Outrider Detachment cannot be duplicated.”

You can find latest playerpack here:

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Date is official


Tickets on sale at october 15 2017

Warzone Slagelse 2018 GT will soon launch more information about the event.

Over the course of the weekend you will battle it out over 5 games with a lot of other 40k fans, including some of the best players in the Denmark along with good people that wanna have a blast throwing dice

Warzone Slagelse GT is a 5 game matched play event. The gaming pack, including all the details on army composition and missions, will be launched on October 15 along side ticket sales going live. You’ll be able to download the pack on