WARZONE SLAGELSE GT 2018 17-18 February 2018



Ticket are on sale…

Warzone Slagelse 2018 GT 

Over the course of the weekend you will battle it out over 5 games with a lot of other 40k fans, including some of the best players in the Denmark along with good people that wanna have a blast throwing dice

Warzone Slagelse GT is a 5 game matched play event. We are registered in the ITC 40K tournament circuit. 2000 pts.

Like last year we will prepare a feast of prizesupport and maybe a surprise or two. Remember we love good food at our venues. So we are happy to announce that the food will be served, so you don’t have to waist time running around finding a pizza or burgerjoint… And again you have the change to buy a vanity ticket where you will get a t-shirt with the ticket.